John Denholm - Founder of S.A. Brothers

April 30, 2019
In this weeks episode Brendan sits down for a fireside chat (minus the fire) with John Denholm Founder of the 18k strong men's group S.A. Brothers. Its groups like these that are doing so much for the health on men out there today. Run correctly and with the right support they can be great sounding boards and a great source of healing for blokes. https://www...
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Anzac Day Special

April 23, 2019
This is an Anzac Day Special where Brendan takes you on a journey telling the stories of four Victoria Cross recipients. Captain Albert Jacka, VC, MC and Bar. Captain Charles Upham, VC and Bar. Warrant Officer 2nd Class Keith Payne, VC, AM. Corporal Cameron Baird, VC, MG. This was an awesome episode to record and I truly hope you enjoy it. Enjoy! Captain Albert Jacka, VC, MC and Bar
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Dr Jon Lane - An Incredible Interview

April 16, 2019
An incredible episode with psychiatrist Dr Jon Lane, who delivers so many golden nuggets for us to take on board, reflect upon and apply to our lives. Enjoy! If you want to find out more information about STAIR check out the links below:
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The Journey Thus Far. What An Absolute Blast!

April 09, 2019
What a journey it has been so far! Join me on this episode as we look back on the best questions I have received so far from you as well as reflecting on everything we have achieved. Enjoy!
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Leon Ruri - Haka For Life

April 02, 2019
An incredibly raw and emotional episode where Leon takes Brendan on the journey that has been his life. From being physically and sexually abused as child, to becoming an ice addict, to inspiring thousands. Leon is a legend and this is an incredible episode. Enjoy. If you would like to reach out and connect with Leon see below:
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