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Just a little podcast changing the world of men one episode at a time!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Journey Thus Far. What An Absolute Blast!

    What a journey it has been so far! Join me on this episode as we look back on the best questions I have received so far from you as well as reflecting on everything we have achieved. Enjoy! ...


  2. Leon Ruri - Haka For Life

    An incredibly raw and emotional episode where Leon takes Brendan on the journey that has been his life. From being physically and sexually abused as child, to becoming an ice addict, to inspiring thousands. Leon is a legend and this is an incredible episode. Enjoy. If you would like to reach ...


  3. My Battles With Addiction

    In this weeks episode Brendan talks honestly and openly about his addiction to prescription medication. It is a raw and emotional episode that was a challenge to record. Enjoy. If you would liek to reach out to the resources mentioned on the podcast:   ...


  4. Matthew 'Willy' Williams

    An absolutely incredible episode with Matthew 'Willy' Williams! A 22 year old bloke with incurable and inoperable brain cancer. This is a podcast that will change your outlook on life. Seriously. Enjoy! If you want to follow Willy check out below:   ...


  5. Walt Collins - How body image is crippling blokes

    In this episode Brendan speaks to an absolute legend of a bloke, Walt Collins. Walt is the star and host of 3 hit channel 10 TV Shows and today they discuss body image in males. It can be just as big of an issue in males as females yet why ...