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Just a little podcast changing the world of men one episode at a time!
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Pete Rudland

    In episode 5 of The Bloke Cast Brendan talks to Pete Rudland, an ex special forces soldier involved in a helicopter crash and gains some incredible insight into recovery from such a horrific incident. What a legend of a bloke! Enjoy! ...


  2. Damien Thomlinson - Part 2

    What we have all been waiting for! The Part 2 of the incredible Damien Thomlinson story. Brendan and Damo talk candidly about Damo's recovery and how we went from injured veteran to megastar! I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I did. Damo has some incredible takeaways that ...


  3. Damien Thomlinson - Part 1

    In this weeks episode Brendan interviews Damien Thomlinson, an ex special forces soldier who was injured in an IED attack whilst serving in Afghanistan in 2009. His journey is an incredible one. This is Part 1 of a two part episode with Damo. We had so much content and there ...


  4. Smashing Through The Stigma!

    This weeks episode is a solo episode where Brendan smashes through the barriers that surround mental health in todays society. Things can always get a bit emotional when we discuss these topiscs so if you or anyone near you needs to reach out for help please do so! Enjoy!! ...


  5. Welcome to The Bloke Cast

    Welcome to The Bloke Cast where each week we bring you an inspirational guest or message to help you develop a holistically healthy lifestyle! In this episode Brendan describes his vision for The Bloke Cast and takes you on the journey of his life. Enjoy!   ...